Beitar Illit

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"How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!"
(BaMidbar 24:5)

Beitar Illit

Beitar-ilit, Бейтар-Илит. Photo: (c)

Beitar-Ilit is a city with an ultra-religious population in the Jerusalem mountains in the western part of the Gush Etzion.

Beitar-Ilit was founded by students of the Zionist yeshiva Mahon Meir in 1985. Subsequently, ultra-religious Jews began to settle here.

The city received its name in honor of the city of Beitar mentioned in the Bible, the ruins of which were discovered one kilometer from the place where the modern city is located.

Beitar-Ilit received the status of the city in 2001.

Rabbi Akiva 38
Tel. 02-5888100, 02-5888111

The National Insurance Institute of Israel ("Bituah Leumi"):
Rabbi Akiva 17
Tel. *6050, 12226050

Israeli Employment Service ("Lishkat Taasuka"):
Yaffo 224, Jerusalem
Tel. 02-5013100, 02-5013111

Israel Ministry of Construction and Housing:
Tel. 02-6291100

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Beitar Illit

Beitar Illit
The distance
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to Jerusalem - 13 km
to Tel Aviv - 52 km
to Haifa - 125 km
to Beer Sheva - 57 km